This is wild Santa Barbara. The beautiful thing about living here, is that it is all right out your backdoor. The main locations represented throughout this album are all within 15 miles of Santa Barbara proper -including Refugio State Park, Santa Cruz Island, the Coastal Hills, Paradise Road, Los Padres National Forest, and the coastal beaches and bluffs in town.

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Photos are taken by Damian Koshnick (with some taken by: Kate Koshnick; Will Koshnick). Photo credits are associated with each; contact me ( for additional purposes. You can click on and click through a display of the larger photos below. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Wild Santa Barbara, California

  1. love the pictures! so many amazing spots you went to. I guess on that one photo you went to red rock? some friends told me about it and I really want to go there!

    • Hi TheSand -Thanks. Santa B. is such a great place for photography. I was really glad to see photos of the beach. The other place you should go if you haven’t is Santa Cruz island. I really enjoyed getting out to that island that we see everyday off the coast and wonder about. Great for a beautiful boat ride and an easy day hike with excellent views. Enjoy Santa B. for me as I miss it from my new home. Cheers!

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