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At Such an Angle

By Damian C. Koshnick

This poem was written [Thursday, May 13, 2009] in response to the Jesusita Fire
which nearly burned downtown Santa Barbara to the ground.

 The nature of things change

and what is amazing

is not the change

but that we can forget this,

that more often than not

we do, for a time.


But a man clearing brush

in the hills above our city

will hit a rock at such an angle

on a Tuesday afternoon under sun

with a weed wacker

the brush he had meant to clear

will instead take to fire, slowly

listlessly at first

and then explode after he has gone back

downhill, satisfied with an afternoon of work

to eat.


Houses burn, tens of thousands of people

go elsewhere, worried suddenly by the awe

that possibly even a city is not permanent,

that it may not in fact last the week.


The man is wanted for questioning by police.

Because when cities burn, questions must be asked.

But there are no answers to these questions,

at least not ones that a man can answer,

even if you could find the right one;


who is eating cereal at this moment

in his pajamas, listening to the radio

given to him by his dear mother

who recently passed.



Comments? Feedback?


Damian C. Koshnick

Flagstaff, Arizona / (701) 306-8602


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