Make Way

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Make Way

By Damian Koshnick


We are surprised when the coyote

swiftly limps down a city street,

only to settle into the open cooler of a coffee shop

beside cans of soda and bottled water to

cool off and ice an injured leg.


Cities are an odd nature the coyote must feel,

a dangerous nature which grumbles in unlikely ways,

and swarms and honks, with staring, upright animals

that yell between very tall, oddly placed hills.


Or, we are amazed by the leggy-moose that lifts itself up

out of the river’s original thoroughfare that winds through town.

This kind of event makes us think we should call someone,

that surely there is a department for other animals that

places moose back where they ought to be.


Or there is that moment when we might see a mother duck,

who leads her procession of small ducklings through a crosswalk.

That awakens a deep instinct in us; it may even change the course of our day.

We might follow them for blocks, between houses, and we might even stop traffic,

to see that others make way for these creatures,

like visiting dignitaries that we live near, but know so little about.


Author: a composing

Hello, my name is Dr. Damian Koshnick. Over the past eight years, I have worked with hundreds of employed professionals and part-time graduate students from seven distinct professions (Small Business Administration, Community and Land/Use Planning, Health Sciences, Justice Studies, Professional Writing, Project Management, and Leadership) as they develop, research, write, edit, and place their professional proposals. I have a background as a professional writer and editor. And I have a Ph.D. from the University of California Santa Barbara where I studied how to teach writing and how to study the ways in which writing shapes disciplines and organizations (and vice versa).

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