4. Grants & Fellowships

Humanities and Social Science Research Grant, UCSB Centrally Administered Grants –awarded grant monies to complete my “original” dissertation research, in May, 2011, [$300]

Scholarship for Excellence in Research
, UCSB Gevirtz Graduate School of Education –awarded scholarship for my ongoing dissertation research with respect to the “life of ideas” within the theories of academic discourse, in July 2009, [$5,000]

Curriculum Development Grant, UCSB’s Program of Instructional Development–won a grant to develop, enact and assess an outreach curriculum for the Writing Program in the Writing for Engineers course sequence. Engineers in the course wrote an “outreach” publication tailored specifically for a local junior high science club, in Feb., 2009 [$1,500]

Block Grant
UCSB Gevirtz School of Education –awarded a block grant from the UCSB department of Education for continuing studies in Education and Writing Studies, in Feb. 2008 [$3,500]

South Coast Writing Project Fellowship, –awarded a Fellowship to attend the SCWriP summer institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in May 2009, [$1,000]

South Coast Writing Project (2009)

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