3. Conference Presentations

I. Individual Conference Presentations: 

A. National 

“On getting buy-in from campus stakeholders for starting a campus-wide internship clearinghouse.” Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA). Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 21st, 2012.

“Complicating “transfer” articulating thresholds for writing and learning across disciplines.” College Composition and Communication Conference (CCCC). St. Louis, Missouri, March 21st-24th, 2012.

“Using inquiry and meta-reflection to promote teacher development: An interactive discussion.”
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Conference. Chicago, Illinois. November 18th, 2011.

“Making use of citation data for historical research in composition studies.” College, Composition and Communication Conference (CCCC). Louisville, Kentucky. March, 18th, 2010. <News-archives/cccc-participants10.html>.

-Chair: “Virtual Environments, Augmented Realities: Practices Inscribed by Interfaces.” College Composition and Communication Conference (CCCC). New Orleans, Louisiana, March, 2008.

B. International 

“Making a publication mean something: Using longitudinal citation data to qualitatively study the role(s) that a book has played in the history of a field.” Writing Research Across Borders II (WRAB) Conference. George Mason University, Washington D.C. February, 2011.

-Participant: Writing Research Across Borders I (WRAB) Conference.
University of California Santa Barbara, California, February, 2008.

C. Regional 

“An English Department split in half: Debates on the teaching of writing at Phillips-Exeter Academy in 1961.” The James Moffett Summit (JMS). University of Nevada, Reno, July, 2008.

“The Novels of Orhan Pamuk.” The Curriculum Study of English (CSE)/Asilomar 57. Monterey, California, September, 2007.

-Participant: “Politics and George Lakoff.” The Curriculum Study of English (CSE)/Asilomar 56. Monterey, California, September, 2006.

D. Local 

“Assessing Course Management Systems within the Writing Program’s Writing-in-the-Professions Courses.” University of California Santa Barbara, Writing Research Colloquium. Presented with Dr. Karen Lunsford. July, 2010.

“Archive Research -A 1930′s Education in 1961: James Moffett and the Birth of “Harkness Teaching” at Phillips-Exeter Academy (1931-1961).” University of California Santa Barbara, Writing Research Colloquium. March, 2009.

Creating Instructional Writing Videos on Camtasia and Web-share Technologies.” University of California Santa Barbara, Writing Research Colloquium. Santa Barbara, California, May, 2008.

II. Invited Presentations & Lectures

“Identifying and Responding to Arguments-in-Texts.” Teaching Demonstration: Thomas Henry’s Utah Valley University English Writing 0890. April 11th, 2011.

“Writing Consultation Techniques as Strategic Dialogue and Why They Work.” For Senior Professors in Physics -Department of Sciences. Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Puebla, Mexico. March 17th, 2011. 

“On the Uses and Value of Robert Merton’s “Notebook”: Taking Inventory on Field-Notes and Revisiting Research Questions.” Writing and Research Presentation (for graduate students in Global Studies returning from their year of field-work, data-gathering). Barbara Walker’s University of California, Santa Barbara Global Studies 251. January 26th, 2010. 

“Teaching Science Writing Units.” Writing Program: Teaching Assistant “501A” Training Sessions. University of California, Santa Barbara. September 16th, 2010. 

“1960’s and the Expansion of English as a Discipline.” Substitute taught one course of Dr. Bazerman’s, “Education 202: Applied Rhetorics, Poetics and Linguistics.” University of California, Santa Barbara. October 15th, 2009.

“On Teaching the Autoethnography.” Invited to present on autoethnographies and pedagogical approaches to teaching it. South Coast Writing Project (SCWriP) summer institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara. May 12th, 2009.

“Steps for Defining Effective “Research Gaps” in Grant Writing and Dissertation Proposals.” Across-the-Curriculum Graduate Writing Workshops at the University of California Santa Barbara, through the Diversity Initiative for Graduate Study in the Social Sciences (DIGSSS). August 11th, 2009.

At (2008) CCCC conference New Orleans, two dear colleagues -David Stacey; Paul Rogers

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