5. Service to the Institution

A. Advisory Roles: 

Supervisor, (1) Graduate Teaching Assistant
2011-2012. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

Hired and supervised (1) graduate teaching assistant in association with my 526: Professional Writing and 302W: Technical Writing courses.

Capstone Advisor, (2) Graduate Students
2012-2013. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

Currently advising (2) graduate students in the completion of their graduate ADM 689 Capstone project, specific to research necessary for earning an M.A. in professional and technical writing.

Northern Arizona University Research and Internship Consortium Project (RIPC) for the Innovation Hub. 2011-2013. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
I am working with a Consortium at NAU and recently took the lead in writing a proposal through which we are seeking funding to create a prominent internship and research clearinghouse database for NAU through the Innovation Hub <http://www.innovationhub.nau.edu&gt;. This site will result in a unified and comprehensive internship resource and research database that students, and local employers can use to post, advertise, and find internships and also that faculty can use to read about and connect to the research happening across all seven colleges and schools at NAU.

Interdepartmental Liaison, English and Masters of Administration
2011-2013. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

Currently working as inter-departmental liason between the Masters of Administration Program (M.Admin.) and the English Department’s Professional Writing Emphasis (PWE) at NAU. A significant percentage of our PWE students come out of M.Admin. Maintaining communication and coordination between both programs is critical.

Advisory Board Member, 2011, BasicComposition.com. Currently serving as an advisory board member for: <http://www.basiccomposition.com/&gt;. Basic Composition.com is an open resource for teachers, tutors, and students of basic composition (e.g., basic literacy, basic writing, second-language writing, freshman composition, sophomore composition, and other lower-level English composition courses). Our mission is to meet the needs of basic composition students, tutors, and instructors by providing a repository of instructional materials and scholarly artifacts.

B. Review Committees: 

Curriculum Review Committee, 2009, UCSB. Writing Program, E-Sequence (1E, 2E, 50E) Curriculum Review. Assisted the chair in a review and subsequent revision of the program-wide curriculum outcomes for writing courses in the Writing for Engineers E-course sequence –1E, 2E, and 50E. Presented updated language, revised outcomes to the committee for adoption.

Curriculum Review Committee, 2005/2006, Concordia College. Served with the English Department committee to rewrite the freshman composition curriculum to a World Inquiry approach which imbued the curriculum with cultural, community outreach and service learning activities in support of broader writing and literary goals.

C. Academic Search Committee: 

Academic Hiring Committee, 2005/2006, Concordia College. Was invited to participate as a faculty member on the search committee for an academic hire in the English Department, for a business and technical writing tenure-line hire.

D. Panel Moderator: 

Moderator of Ed.D. Preliminary Dissertation Research Presentations, University of California, Santa Barbara. Was invited to moderate “Education 405″final, preliminary dissertation research presentations between Ed.D. students and associated, evaluating senior faculty, July 12th, 2010.

Moderator of M.Ed. Final Master’s Project Poster-Presentations, University of California, Santa Barbara. Was invited to moderate the final presentations between UCSB evaluating faculty and student-teachers at the completion of the M.Ed. certification process, June 14th, 2008.

E. Conference Coordination/Organization:

 Submission Reviewer, Conference Proposals, Writing Research Across Borders Conference II, UCSB/George Mason University May 2010, reviewed conference submissions for acceptance.

Invited Panel and Presentation Coordinator, Writing Research Across Borders Conference II, UCSB/George Mason University September 15th 2010, read and helped class proposals into panel and individual presentation categories.

Coordinating Conference Volunteer, Writing Research Across Borders Conference I, University of California, Santa Barbara campus, 2008, helped with the many daily aspects of coordinating a conference, from picking up arriving scholars, to buying and serving food.

F. Primary Volunteer Work in Language, Teaching, & Writing:

Founder, The “The James Moffett Consortium” (JMC) 2009,
<http://jamesmoffettstudies.ning.com/&gt;, an online, interactive ning community. It is an open invitation academic site:

“a diverse community of teachers and researchers that are dedicated to dialogue on the value of James Moffett’s theories and practices in English, Composition Studies, and Education and uses of him in K-16 classrooms.”

This purpose is backed by an even more essential function, to provide a service to the field, a free site of information and resources on a “first generation” theorist James Moffett that would not be readily available otherwise. More than a wiki, this site incorporates source material and offers basic, webshare platforms for all involved to share and exchange related ideas, research, and information. At present, I have received official publishing clearance from NCTE to post all of Moffett’s publications on the site. The site also includes interviews with former winners of the NCTE “James Moffett Award,” an annual grant that supports teacher research; several retrospective accounts by academics and teachers written specifically for the JMC.

Co-founding Member of the [Now Defunct] UNR-UNLV Literacy Consortium, University of Nevada, Reno, 2008. The goal of the consortium was to develop an annual summer institute for facilitating teacher-research publications and to share knowledge on methods for developing service and outreach opportunities -tight couplings between secondary and post-secondary writing courses with community settings and local systems, expertise and activity. The anticipated funding between UNR/UNLV fell through.

Cross-Cultural Fluency, Online Genre Researcher, Global Studies, Humboldt State University, 2008, Providing ongoing research regarding effective online genres in support of Professor Tom Gage’s Cross-Cultural Fluency program with 11 Northern California High Schools.

Online Writing Consultant in International Academic Writing, [Dr. Bazerman] 2010–, Demonstrated and provided writing center-style writing support to faculty in the Department of Physics at the Universidad De Las Americas Puebla –specific to revising their English-language academic research for publication.

Volunteer English Language Learning Instructor, 2004-2005, through Lutheran Social Services. I volunteered weekly in the Fargo-Moorhead community to assist newly arrived Iranian immigrants with their English language skills. -Moorhead, MN

Volunteer Writing Center Consultant, 2003. Minnesota State University Moorhead writing center.

The Stanford Writing Project, 2007. Read and evaluated Stanford Writing Project papers in collaboration with Andrea Lunsford and Paul Rogers.

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