Courses Taught

Graduate Courses

Northern Arizona University -2013-2011; Summer, 2013, 2012

ENG 522, Rhetoric and Writing in Professional Discourse Communities (lecturer)
ENG 526, Advanced Professional Writing (full-time instructor; lecturer)
ENG 517, Professional Editing (full-time instructor; lecturer)
ENG 549, Product Design and Usability Testing (full-time instructor; lecturer)

University of California Santa Barbara, Summer, 2010

ED 405, Academic Research Methods in Education (teaching assistant)

University of California Santa Barbara, Summer, 2010

ED 268, Foundations of Teaching (teaching associate)

Humboldt State University, Fall, 2002

ED 406(L), Theory of Composition, Computer Technology in English (teaching internship)


Undergraduate Courses

Northern Arizona University, 2013-2011

ENG 302W, Technical Writing (full-time instructor; lecturer)

Allan Hancock Community College, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Spring, 2011

ENG 101, Reading and Exposition (adjunct)

University of California Santa Barbara, Fall 2009; 2009-2008

Writ 1E, Approaches to University Writing for Engineers (teaching assistant)
Writ 2E, Academic Writing for Engineers (teaching assistant)
Writ 50E, Writing and the Research Process for Engineers (teaching assistant)

Concordia College, Fall, 2007; 2005-2004

English 100, World Inquiry Seminar (adjunct)
Discourse 101, Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing (full-time; adjunct)
Discourse 102, Academic Reading and Writing (full-time; adjunct)
Discourse 103, Academic Research and Writing (full-time; adjunct)

Minnesota State University Moorhead, Fall, 2007; 2005-2004

English 101, Composition and Literature: Short Fiction (adjunct)
English 102, Composition and Literature: Drama and Poetry (adjunct)

Humboldt State University, 2002-2001

English 100, Reading and Composition (graduate teaching assistant)


Teaching (2009), about writing and relationships to civic monuments
in a course on writing for Engineering students

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