6. Professional Writing Background

Series Editor
Capstone Press Publishers, 1998-1999. Edited juvenile non-fiction education books for one of the largest producers of children’s books. Responsibilities included attending to all aspects of publishing from comprehensive rewrites with the author, work with science/content consultants, to book design and pre-press layout concerns: <http://www.capstonepub.com/>. -Mankato, MN


Staff Writer
Swanson’s Health Products, 1999-2000. Swanson’s is one of the largest vitamin and supplement providers in the nation. My responsibilities involved attending to the company’s multi-various national publications -from product research and descriptions in the weekly national mailer, to maintenance of their online health encyclopedia. Product descriptions had to meet changing national standards, and demonstrate up-to-date information on studies related to the wide-variety of products sold -from cat’s claw, to ginkgo biloba: <http://www.swansonvitamins.com>. -Fargo, ND


Technical Writer
Regis Learning Solutions (formerly, Techniques.org), Feb.-June, 2003.
Produced learning content for an interactive on-line program that trained and educated Officers in the Air Force. This involved work with Web programming, frequent contact with content consultants and the ability to translate Air Force protocol into a dynamic audio, video and textual learning programs that conveyed technical protocols in a convincing, but also entertaining manner: <http://www.regislearning.com/htm/index.htm
> -Wheat Ridge, CO


Staff Profile Writer
Open Magazine, 2007. Fargo-Moorhead’s Premier Lifestyle Magazine. Staff profile writer. Interviewed local leaders for a community audience. -Fargo, ND

Editing/Technical Writing Company Logos