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Cow on a Minnesota farm afternoon Photo: Damian Koshnick


Published & Polished Poems
Toward My Future Chapbook Titled: “Proximities”
by Damian C. Koshnick

I. Koshnick, D. (Fall, 1999). Morning in the tetons [PDF]. Potato Eyes/#20-21. Nightshade Press –Troy, ME. (alongside Robert Bly, and David Budbill).

II. Koshnick, D. (currently submitted). The sleeping reader [PDF]. Forthcoming Publication.

III. Koshnick, D. (personal collection). Koshnick, (Poem_4a) Suzie and Crusoe [PDF].

IV: Koshnick, D. (personal collection). Koshnick, (Poem_2b) Always things passing [PDF].

V: Koshnick, D. (personal collection). Koshnick, (Poem_4c) The incidental experiment [PDF].

VI: Koshnick, D. (personal collection). Koshnick, (Poem_10e) At such an angle [PDF].

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Found & Borderland; Or, Captured Words, Phrases, & Stanzas

Saturday, September 11th -2010

Apparently the universe doesn’t have an ambassador
at the crossroads of entry, or at least not a memorable one.
I was, rather, absolutely under-briefed on the matter.

Sunday, September 12th -2010

A bee and then two ants
just walked over a giant slug
it has been a busy day so far, under the potato leaf.

Tuesday, September 14th -2010

California is the nose of America
Washington D.C. is the mouth,
And the Mississippi river is the abdomen.

Friday, March 4th -2011

The kingfisher waits
with no name for waiting
desiring fish that are not fish.

Wednesday, October 26th -2011

I’ve bitten into an orange
the size of jupiter
oh, and the taste.

Thursday, November 1st -2011

News on television
in the other room,
is such a distant world.