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1. Ashlie Most:

“I worked with Dr. Damian Koshnick in developing and drafting a capstone proposal to complete my Master’s in English with an emphasis in Professional Writing at Northern Arizona University. During this time, Dr. Koshnick was a strong and capable mentor and I was subsequently able to not only to complete the capstone, but also learned more about professional writing in the process.

As a mentor, Dr. Koshnick provided guidance about transferring my interests into a salient topic choice for this project. His insight was especially helpful as I drafted my proposal, and allowed me to understand that I needed to narrow the scope and focus of my topic in order to set attainable goals. Furthermore, as I worked on drafts of my final documents, Dr. Koshnick provided helpful comments that allowed me to see where my writing needed additional expansion and clarity. The edits and comments he made to my drafts challenged me to be a better, more coherent writer and were always presented in a non-judgmental way. During this process, we communicated often by email and also had several one-on-one meetings to discuss my progress and revisions.

In all of our interactions, Dr. Koshnick was prepared and helpful. His guidance as a mentor gave me the opportunity to improve the organization and overall quality of this capstone project. By working with Dr. Koshnick, I feel that I fulfilled the requirements of the capstone project and am also a more capable writer as a result of his supervision and direction.”

Ashlie Most

2. Dr. Greg Larkin:

“Dr. Koshnick is in his seventh year teaching in our Professional Writing program here at Northern Arizona University (NAU). Before retiring (2015), I was Dr. Koshnick’s immediate supervisor at NAU. I worked closely with him nearly every day, so I saw his work first hand for five years. I have had the wonderful experience of working closely with Dr. Koshnick at NAU, so I can say for certain that he is a delight to work with. He is strong and smart, yet compassionate and caring at the same time. His attention to detail and his eye for the big picture make a perfect combination. He is loved and respected by his students and his faculty colleagues alike.” ~Professor Emeritus Dr. Greg Larkin 


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Hello, my name is Dr. Damian Koshnick. Over the past eight years, I have worked with hundreds of employed professionals and part-time graduate students from seven distinct professions (Small Business Administration, Community and Land/Use Planning, Health Sciences, Justice Studies, Professional Writing, Project Management, and Leadership) as they develop, research, write, edit, and place their professional proposals. I have a background as a professional writer and editor. And I have a Ph.D. from the University of California Santa Barbara where I studied how to teach writing and how to study the ways in which writing shapes disciplines and organizations (and vice versa).