Teaching 2014-2000


Lecturer, Literacy, Technology, and Professional Writing
2012-2014. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

Teaching a broad run of advanced professional and technical writing courses for undergraduate and graduate programs at NAU. This includes work across online platforms in the extended campus community.

ENG 522:      Rhetoric and Writing in Professional Communities
ENG 526:      Advanced Professional Writing
ENG 517:      Professional Editing
ENG 549:      Information Design and Usability Testing
ENG 302W:  Technical Writing

Full-Time Instructor, Professional & Technical Writing
2011-2012. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

Teaching a broad run of advanced professional and technical writing courses for undergraduate and graduate programs at NAU. This includes work across online platforms in the extended campus community.

International Writing Consultant, Scientists and Graduate Students
Fall/Winter/Spring, 2011. U.C. Santa Barbara/B.U.A.P. Puebla, Mexico
Grant supported work with: Dr. Charles Bazerman

Traveled virtually and literally to Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico (March 12-20th, 2011) to: 

a) consult with and inquire about the process of writing amongst international scientists in Physics -with particular attention to issues in writing for English publications amongst Non-Native English Speaking (NNES) faculty;
b) help colleagues develop grassroots support for WAC on campus;
c) present on the uses of “strategic dialogue” during the process of scientific writing;

Throughout the year, I also provided online writing support to 20 graduate students in their seminario de investigación course, specifically to revise their research proposals written in English for graduate advancement in the program.

MEI 210, Seminario de Investigación II

Adjunct Faculty, Developmental English -Vandenberg Air Force Base
Spring, 2011. Allan Hancock Community College 

Taught first year writing courses in the community college setting. This included teaching to a unique student population of military personnel at Vandenburg Air Force Base in Lompoc, California.

ENG 101, Reading and Exposition 

Instructor/Research Assistant, U.C. Grant Writing Workshops
2009-2010. U.C. Santa Barbara
Grant supported work with: Dr. Karen Lunsford

Taught dissertation and grant writing workshops to graduate students and post-docs. Courses were offered about three times per year. This was part of a larger project to document the need for and therefore justify more Writing Program led support across the U.C. campus. 

Ed.D. Program Writing Consultant, Mid-Career Doctoral Students
2008-2010; Fall, 2010. U.C. Santa Barbara

Provided program-wide academic writing and research support for mid-career Ed.D. doctoral students conducting empirical research and writing their dissertations. Provided continuous support for 15-20 Ed.D. students per year.

Teaching Associate, ME.d. Foundations of Teaching
Summer, 2010. U.C. Santa Barbara 

Taught a foundations course in teaching for graduate ME.d. students emphasizing exploration of their aims and claims on teaching and learning through on-site observations of professional teachers, critical engagement of their experiences and assumptions on teaching and learning and a reading of theorists in the field.

ED 268, Foundations of Teaching 

Teaching Assistant, Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership
Summer, 2010. U.C. Santa Barbara

Co-taught a graduate course that surveyed the methods used in educational research –from finding and defining a problem, data gathering, methods of interpretation, and the writing process, etc. for Ed.D. graduate students in the UCSB Joint Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership.

ED 405, Academic Research Methods in Education

Instructor, Writing for Engineers
2008-2009; Fall, 2009. U.C. Santa Barbara

Taught the full sequence of writing for Engineers courses. Won $1,500 grant monies to develop new Writing Program curricula emphasizing outreach/service projects. Engineering student-writers produced, for example, publications for a local junior high science club, and developed proposals for new monuments based on an understanding of current monuments throughout the city, and the building/zoning codes of the city of Santa Barbara, etc. 

Writ 1E, Approaches to University Writing for Engineers
Writ 2E, Academic Writing for Engineers
Writ 50E, Writing and the Research Process for Engineers

Writing Mentor, M.Ed. Capstone Teacher-Research Projects
2007-2008, 2008-2009. U.C. Santa Barbara

Provided writing and research support for 4-6 M.Ed. student-teachers or employed teachers during the completion of their capstone, graduate research projects.

Head Coach, Men’s College Soccer NCAA Division III,
2006-2007. Athletic Department, Concordia College -Moorhead Minnesota

For two seasons I coached the Men’s College Soccer Team in the Minnesota Inter-Collegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC). In my role as the head coach, I had to understand the technical aspects of the game and be able to communicate them effectively to my players. I had to recruit student-athletes and convince students and their parents about the value of the college. This work involved daily contact with parents, referees, other coaches, athletic directors, and alumni. It involved budgeting, scheduling travel, games, booking hotels and buses. And foremost, it involved being a representative for a proud program.

Full-Time Faculty, English/Head Coach Men’s Soccer,
2005-2006. English/Athletic Department, Concordia College -Moorhead Minnesota

Secured a full-time interdepartmental position at Concordia College, teaching courses in research writing and composition in conjunction with being the head coach of the NCAA (Div. III) Men’s Collegiate soccer team.

Assistant Coach, Women’s College Soccer [Tour of Brazil, South America]
June 15-27, 2005. Athletic Department, Concordia College -Moorhead Minnesota

Traveled as an assistant coach to the Women’s college soccer team on a two-week soccer tour of Brazil where we played the Principle Brazilian National Team at the National training grounds in Teresopoles, Brazil.

Adjunct Instructor English, 2004-2005; & Fall, 2007.
English Department, Concordia College -Moorhead Minnesota

Taught a range of first year composition courses and world inquiry seminars over a span of three years. Early courses emphasized forms of textual and cultural analysis, later courses emphasized writing for service-learning.

ENG 100, World Inquiry Seminar
Discourse 101, Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing
Discourse 102, Academic Reading and Writing
Discourse 103, Academic Research and Writing 

Adjunct Instructor English, 2004-2005, & Fall, 2007.
English Department, Minnesota State University Moorhead -Moorhead, Minnesota

Taught two years of first year composition courses. As per institutional mandate, writing pedagogy emphasized writing assignments based on close-textual analysis of literature, drama, and poetry.

ENG 101, Composition and Literature: Short Fiction
ENG 102, Composition and Literature: Drama and Poetry

Graduate Teaching Associate English, 2001-2002.
English Department, Humboldt State University -Arcata California

Taught first year composition. Concentrated on making the classroom a place in which students can reinforce their intuitive relationships with reading and writing as an aesthetic experience.

ENG 100, Reading and Composition

Writing Center/Lab Facilitator, 2000-2002.
English Department, Humboldt State University -Arcata California

Was trained over two full years through the HSU-WC, in effective writing consultation techniques. Spent two years facilitating graduate and undergraduate students throughout campus with the innumerable considerations inherent in any writing act. Humboldt State University Writing Center.

Teaching Internship English, Fall semester 2001.
English Department, Humboldt State University -Arcata California

Co-taught theories of composition and the uses of technology in the English classroom to students in the HSU teacher education program.

ENG 406L, Theory of Composition, Computer Technology in English

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