Why a Fascination with Composing?

I have always been fascinated by composing, the act of putting things together -thoughts into words, words on the page. I used to assume that the world moved primarily from internal motivations, out into and affecting the world around us; now, however, I see it primarily the other way ’round. We enact ourselves, moment-to-moment through our actions in the world, both with and amidst the people, and the materials that surround us.

To write and to study writing is to impress ourselves repeatedly into these boundaries of what we do and what we can come to discover; and we discover anew again and again as we move between new contexts.

Talking with Rosemary Cabe at the 2009 South Coast Writing Project

Writing surely inspires, but it is also the case that all writing is a critical component in the organization of society. To read something -to create and respond to the symbols around us- this is how we participate. My interest generally is to be a bit more conscious, and to help others be a bit more conscious, about the ways in which writing and reading mediate our lives.

Damian Koshnick
August 19th, 2010
Santa Barbara, CA